ADULT SIZE Mystery Grab Bag Tees!

ADULT SIZE Mystery Grab Bag Tees!

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Read this carefully so you know what's up: 

A lot of clients love to say, "Surprise me!" when it comes to the color of their tees. We've talked about this with our surprise monogram tees, but we're taking it one... step... further.!

These bad boys are going to be the highlight of your day, and you won't even know what hit ya!  They are unicorn-butt soft Bella+Canvas tees (unisex sizing on these, so ladies often like to size down one!), either blank or with surprise graphics (often these will be SCREEN PRINTED!).  I'll be using my current stock, as well as ordering new where needed. OH AND THEY'RE MARKED DOWN FROM OUR USUAL PRICES!


Here's what you'll need to decide:

  • What size? 
  • Do you want them blank or with a graphic?
  • How many?
  • Do you want to leave some definite notes at checkout about the recipient?  ("I'm a mom, I have 2 kids, their names are ___ and ___, I love to ____, I am originally from ____ and have a HUGE passion for _____, and I look great in ____ but terrible in ______" or "I'm a guy, but I do wear pink. I like hunting, fishing, my kids and eating smoked ribs. I'm from Kentucky, but I have this thing for stuff from Texas.  I have a beard, and I'm thinking about being a firefighter someday.") 
  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU LEAVE ME SOME NOTES! That way, if I have some goodies that are right up your alley, you'll get first dibs!

You get one size per bag, and then I decide the rest.  No take backs due to design or color choices, but I have this great feeling that won't be an issue. Let's do this!!