GSC Jewelry

Some handmade, some procured on my journey. This page is slowly being re-stocked, so please check back for more periodically.  Most everything here will be of very limited stock.  A special collection of GyspySparrowCo artifacts.


Handmade items are subject to flaws because...well, they're handmade by someone with flaws. That's part of their charm. Therefore, if we ever offer 2 of something, they're likely to not be identical. If you want more pictures, etc. PRIOR to purchasing, please email us at Handmade items are also not indestructible, because...well, they're handmade by someone who isn't indestructible. You get the idea.  You must treat them with care because (everyone say it with us) they are handmade (with lots of love). 

Returns are generally not allowed on these items.

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