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Songs from the Nest

OMG! I got my room sprays today and they smell amazing! I used a different scent for each room and I love them! Blessed has a very Fall-ish smell. Bluegrass Blessing and Pin-up Girl also smell wonderful! Can't wait to try more scents!

Kim E.

Thanks to my friend Brandi who is talented and makes amazing pieces of art. Want something... Even if it's a 'hey! What would be cool is if I could get this... But with that...' she loves those projects I throw at her! 🤣🤣 

Jessica S.

Brandi does some amazing work. This is the softest, most comfortable shirt I own, not to mention it is Super cute too.

Danielle C.

Brandi just amazes me with her endless creativity. She has made several things for our family and she puts a personalized touch on every single thing. I can’t wait to show off a couple of other projects she’s worked on for us!!

Taleah M.

Y’all, my sweet friend Brandi just starting selling these awesome room sprays and let me tell you they smell AMAZING! ... I promise you will not be disappointed!!! Message her and she can hook you up!

Emily R.

She goes out of her way to make sure every customer is satisfied!

Randi E.

Friends my beautiful friend has started something new with her business. These room sprays smell amazing!!! KY branded!! I just sprayed my car with oasis, it smells DEVINE!! 

Cortnie D.

Girl!! My shirts are AMAZING!! You did such a fantastic job! I’m in love thank you SO much!!

Courtney H.


Ariel D.

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