Mombshell Tee

Mombshell Tee

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Mamas, listen.  You may like wine, yoga pants and whatever else today's society says moms relate to, but you're still THAT woman. You may not get to put on those sassy heels every day and sometimes your hair (my hair, too) stays in a weird bun-ish thing that will never ever look like the ones on Instagram (HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!). 

However, you've seen things, done things and conquered things no one else may ever know... and you are HOT.  It doesn't matter how they came to be yours. You've lived the life of chasing those kids, sippin' that cold coffee when you can, and holding it all together by a thread while still usually finding time to shower before 10pm.

Your spirit animal is a feisty pin up girl, and we applaud you. 

We see you, Mombshell. 

(Don't forget, these super soft B+C tees are unisex sizing. Most ladies like to order down one size.  I always pretend I've magically lost 10lbs when I suddenly slip into the new size. Haaaaa! We can add an established date. You MUST leave the date in your notes at checkout. It will be printed exactly as you type it)