Double Dare

Double Dare

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Please see picture for description. These sprays are hand-mixed one bottle at a time, in its own batch. I try to keep a few of each on hand, but there may be times I have to order supplies to make them. Therefore, please consider these on a pre-order basis and be pleasantly surprised if they ship really quickly. Otherwise, please allow 14 days or so. I won't send them out unless they meet my standards, so I will not settle for less than the best ingredients to make them. 


Thank you!



4oz bottles. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Avoid direct contact with furniture (unless you try a small spot out first), fabrics (same rule- spot test first) and open flames (no spot testing that. Just don't do it). Don't let it get in your eyes, or anything else. Just...use it as a room spray.