Custom Star Map

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These are PHENOMENAL anniversary and birthday gifts. They are truly beautiful, with room to mat them in the frame. 

Here are the cliff note style details:

-8x10 Custom Watercolor-Style Star Maps for your chosen date/time/location, representing the constellations
-Professionally printed on a watercolor paper texture.  Map color, border, etc will be designed by me for your unique piece (though you may leave suggestions in your notes at checkout, with your chosen date/time/location. You must leave all 3 of those details in your notes!)
-$25 printed (frame/mat not included)
-I will need about 2 weeks to complete them and have them professionally printed/shipped.

You MUST leave the date, time and location requested for your map in the notes at checkout. Please ensure the e-mail you have with your order is one you actually use (not just your email you use to buy things), as I may have questions. You may also leave your preferred contact e-mail in your notes at checkout. You can leave preferences regarding colors, etc in your notes, and I'll try to accommodate them. However, not all wedding colors, etc will be available. 

Here are the detailed details:

These are custom, precise watercolor style star maps, for whatever date/time/location are special to you (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc). They're extremely high detail (read, the file size is ginormous), down to the darker shading around the watercolor "mask" lines (shown). It also prints on a metallic watercolor paper texture (shown), so it looks like you had some super talented watercolor mastermind paint it up just for you.

Instead you have me...but whatever. I won't tell. :)

As with everything I do, details are imperative and I will be spending a boatload of time on each one to ensure it is beyond perfection.